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My workshops have been designed to help women blossom. You have only one life. The power is yours to decide whether you want to stay where you are, or whether you choose to change things for better right now. Let me ask you – do you want to feel happier, be able to attract a suitable partner, feel more confident in a skin you are in? My workshop might be a great place to start your transformation and enable you to thrive. Without waiting and making excuses as to why now is not the right time chose to initiate a change at this moment!

Sometimes we get so consumed in daily life that we need a hand to grow. The workshop will help you to become a better version of yourself and empower you to reach for what you desire. The way you treat yourself is the way people will treat you. Are you self-critical? How often do you praise yourself for your strengths and good personal qualities be it kindness and carrying – when you listen to your best friend who is going through a rough patch; or being committed and capable at work – after you finished a hard-working day? If you are spending more time beating yourself up rather than praising, then there is definitely some imbalance here. The problem is that we tend to be drawn to what is familiar to us so if you think of yourself negatively you are going to attract partners that will also be focusing on your shortcomings and be critical. The Embracing Venus workshop can help you to restore the balance and by doing so you will be able to attract a different kind of partner, the one who will bring the best in you. By boosting self-esteem, we can learn to have respect and love for ourselves which in turn ensures we attract those who will genuinely treat us in this way.

Are you sick of dating men with the same issues and having the same arguments in every relationship? During the workshop, we will investigate how we can break down the old, unconscious patterns of behaviour that led to us chasing after the wrong partner.

The workshop also shows you techniques that will increase your happiness, as by being happy we are more likely to attract positive, happy people, and while we are waiting, life will seem so much sunnier and positive.

There are lots of opportunities to practically demonstrate what you have learned which makes this a more dynamic way of learning. I will be on hand to answer any questions and will provide feedback relating to your learning. In groups, we can grow with support from each other and bounce ideas off each other. Your small group (up to 10 people) will comprise of like-minded women so there is also a fantastic opportunity for meeting new lifelong friends. Your group may also decide to go out and meet new people or take part in activities that give them even more chance to practice what they have learned as you all grow and evolve as strong, confident women.

I am confident the workshop will provide you with all the skills needed to progress your life in any direction you desire to find a greater feeling of happiness and to attract partners who are truly compatible with you.

However, if you do not feel comfortable with a workshop format, but would like help with the above, do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone to arrange individual Skype sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this the right workshop for me?

    Are you single or not sure about your current relationship? Would you like to gain more understanding into the choices you make when picking your romantic partners and how to overcome poor choices? Would you like to feel good about yourself, be more confident and boost self-esteem? Would you like to gain skills on how to be more compassionate towards yourself and to develop new, helpful strategies to overcome any negative circumstance? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this workshop is definitely for you. It will not only help you with relationships, but will also provide ideas on how to boost self-esteem and increase happiness.

    However, if you are still unsure whether this workshop is for you, please do not hesitate to call Joanna on 01823 333 785 to seek advice and to discuss it further.

  • Is there an age limit?

    The course is open to women aged 18 or over. This workshop has been designed for women of all ages. As humans we all have similar desires such as to love and to be loved.

  • Is there any follow up?

    No follow up is offered after the workshop. However, the last part of the workshop will teach you how to use the learn skills in the most effective way and set yourself for success.

    Also, Joanna offers paid individual face to face and Skype therapy if you wish to continue your transformation in a therapeutic setting or just have a top up session after the workshop.

  • After I finish support what kind of support is available?

    During the workshop Joanna is going to provide you with a list of recommended reading, accessible self-help materials and also some information on how to access various therapies.

  • What do I need to bring?

    Workshop handout is provided in which you will also be able to make notes throughout the day. Pens are also provided.

    Lunch is not provided so please make suitable arrangements. You can bring food with you or eat out in nearby restaurants or cafes.

  • What to expect on the day?

    You can find the full workshop itinerary on Book a Workshop page, when you click on the workshop that you are interested in.

  • How do I pay?

    Go to the “Book a Workshop” page, choose the workshop you would like to attend, and press Add to basket button. On the website menu tool bar you will notice 1 Item in your basket. Please choose it and it will take you to ‘Basket’ page. If you have a coupon, please put the coupon code in the box provided and press ‘Apply coupon’.

    Next, press ‘Proceed to checkout’ which will take you to details and payment page, where after choosing payment method you will be able to place your order. We have a secure payment system and after you make a booking you will receive a confirmation email from us.

  • Is the workshop handicap accessible?

    Whilst we make every effort for the venues to be suitable for everyone, we cannot guarantee that it is going to be handicap accessible. Please call us to check before booking the workshop.

  • If I cannot attend what should I do?

    Please refer to our cancellation policy which is located at the bottom of the website under ‘T&C and Cancellation Policy’.

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